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Can anyone explain why the channel identifier on Sky news appear partially obscurred (out of screen) when viewed in auto mode on my Philips 9607, yet when switching to widescreen mode, although the channel i.d. appears correctly placed, the picture is obviously distorted?

When in auto, the screen correctly selects the correct aspect as it should, but the sky logo cannot be seen properly.
If sky does not broadcast in widescreen, why should the logo appear correctly placed in the top left, when the picture is distorted?


Sky News is broadcast in 4:3. You should be getting vertical bars at the sides for the correct ratio on a widescreen tv. Is that what you have?


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No, auto fills the screen but the logo is missing, widescreen shows the logo but strecthes it. I suppose 4:3 will let me see the sky news logo and give me the correct aspect with bars.

Thanks for the reply.


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Perhaps the AUTO function is zooming into the picture to fill the width of the screen and therefore cuts off the top & bottom to maintain the aspect ratio.
That would mean you would lose some of the logo and the bottom ticker bar.


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Easy answer - watch BBC News24


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It's a popular misconception that 'Auto' is synonymous with 'correct'. Auto, when applied to 4x3 signals, is either

a) whatever the manufacturer thought was a good idea at the time and you can't change it so tough. Go manual if you don't like it

b) whatever the manufacturer thought was a good idea at the time and you can change it but haven't yet worked out how

c) something you were experimenting with in the past, or thought was a good idea at the time and you haven't changed it back yet


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I would rather have a full screen and no black bars and sacrifice that sky news logo. I'll stick with auto. Thanks for all the replies.

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