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    Please help an ignorant newbie :lease:
    I have an old sony colour tv with 1 scart (KV-21FT1U) and a panasonic combined dvd and video reorder with 2 scarts + other connections (DMR-E75V). I have just bought a Sony freeview box with 2 scarts (VTX-D800U)
    The aerial from the top of the house goes into the stbox and out into the dvdr\vcr; also a scart cable from the stbox into the dvdr/vcr and another scart from the dvdr/vcr to the tv. I have also connected an aerial cable from the dvdr\vcr to the tv. Everything works well but the stbox and the dvdr/vcr seem to be competing for the same av channel on the tv. When I try to record n dvd ram a stbox channel i get a grey screen. I really want to record (teachers tv) which only goes out at midnight and I have no idea how to set everything up so it works.

    Sorry to be long winded but if I include everything there might be something obvious I,m missing and I'm not terribly technical.

    thanks in advance
    Oliver Saunders

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