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Hi all,

This may sound a stupid question but is freeview through the Nokia 221T via it's digital audio out, capable of receiving Dolby 5.1, and or other surround modes?

I have this just plugged it into my Arcam AVR200 and am unable to tell yet :confused:


Its capable as is my Pioneer freeview box. However its very unlikely freeview will broadcard 5.1 digital sound etc....they just don't have the bandwidth for it.


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Youll be limited to Dolby Pro Logic at best i'm afraid.If you want 5.1 off air then you will have to look at Sky+ and even then it is only supported on some movies.


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Freeview doesn't do Dolby Digital 5.1 (and I doubt any channels would spare the extra bitrate for it even if it did) so chances are we'll never know. The Nokia 221T is one of a number of DTT boxes that claim to be 5.1 cable from their digital outputs - might as well say they can do DTS, SACD & MLP for all the opportunity we'd get to prove they were lying...


Thanks to all for the answers, so it's down to bandwidth then. Oh well, at least I know now.

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