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I know there has been some discussion about this already but...............

1) Is there a freeview box that I can just 'plug and go' into my AE100.

2) Can someone explain (in english!!) why some work and some don't.

Had my pj for around a year and want to try some regular tv.................................


All you need is a digibox with a scart output, then a scart->phono lead (usually has 1 yellow (video) and 1 white (left audio) and 1 red (right audio) cables). Plug the video lead from your digibox to the (yellow) video input on your AE100 and bob's your uncle.


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i'm pretty sure I tried that already.......long time ago.......I'll try again cos I'd only just got the pj...........


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If you have component on the PJ get the Netgen IPlayer


Don't forget to scroll through to the "Video" input using your remote...


All you need is a digibox with a scart output, then a scart->phono lead (usually has 1 yellow (video) and 1 white (left audio) and 1 red (right audio) cables). Plug the video lead from your digibox to the (yellow) video input on your AE100 and bob's your uncle.

Would RGB be better??


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I have the Pace Twin, the S-video out is great to my ae100. Finally the "Telly" just got BIGGER :clap: :D


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Thanks all, just dismantled my HC set up and tried the pj in the dining room plugged into Nokia digibox using £5 switchable scart to AV lead and......... it worked. Great picture....the last time I tried this I used a scart to AV convertor from a gamecube which I now realise is the wrong way round (if you see what I mean).. All I have to do now is run an ariel feed into the HC room, convince the wife we CAN afford another 40 notes or so for another digibox and , bobs your uncle, BIG TELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I just went through the very same thing - wanted a digibox specifically for the projector.

All digiboxes with scart outputs will output a 'video' signal so yes you can just buy a scart adaptor and plug it in. It will look impressively big on your wall. But what you want though is one that gives you a component signal because this is much better. I don't mean a tiny bit better so only videophiles will notice, I mean eliminating all the little crawling dots and getting a noticeably higher quality stable sharp picture.

Most (all?) new digiboxes have an RGB mode, but the AE100 does not take a 'TV' (R,G,B) signal, it wants a component signal (Y,Cb,CR), or a PC (ie monitor socket) signal. The only box that can be set to output component from its scart socket is the Netgem I-Player. Actually BT do an own-brand model which is based on it, but nobody else does.

Then you get a scart to component cable (scart to 3 phonos, for the video output to the projector) and a digital optical cable or 2 regular phonos (for the audio to your hifi or speakers).

The BT digibox is on offer at the moment at and is a real bargain at 64.50. It also has a built-in modem to do web browsing on your TV/projector, plus a USB port to allow you to connect your PC for broadband web browsing on your TV/projector. Nice additional features but I only bought it for the good quality output.

For the scart to component cable I bought a Profigold PGV372 from - about 18 quid, but worth it (and cheaper than elsewhere)

Hope this is useful. Yes you can use a normal Video signal (scart to single yellow phono output), but it looks crap ; you could use S-Video (scart to funny little 4-pin plug) which is pretty good but not as good as it could be; component is the best and unless you have a high end DVD player the PJ component sockets will be empty!


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Thanks for the reply.. I do use the component in for my DVD player although its not hi end !!. (£130 richersounds Cambridge Audio) So I guess the next best would be scart to Svideo. Have been thinking about getting Humax 8000 (Hard drive recorder and digital reciever) Probably won't use this as much as dvd so will keep component connection for that...I think...mmmmmmm must mull this all over. Is there a device which would allow two component product to share one input on the pj??? Google search I think...........


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I experiemented connecting RGB scart sources to my AE100 using a scart to VGA adaptor. I got my early nokia ondigital box to work using this adaptor. It was the only interlace device that would. I believe the ondigital box has sync on green for some reason where as other sources didn't. So I can only assume the AE100 is more compaitble with devices that have sync on green connected via the VGA port.

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