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I have just wired up a signal booster/ splitter so I could watch freeview in 3 rooms from one aerial. Before 2 TV's were run from the 1 aerial (dodgy wiring) and both worked fine albeit poor signal on some channels.

I just finished the installation about 3 minutes agao and now can only pick up BBC channels (1, 2, 3, CBBC news BBCi) and no others.

Have looked over the wires a number of times and have checked the plugs to make sure they are fitted properly but can not find anything wrong.

Any advice will be great.


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When making any changes to the aerial system you should really wipe the memory of the Freeview boxes by channel rescanning as in "1st Time Installation".


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Evidently your aerial signal was just about able to supply two TV's with enough signal for operation.

The SINGLE OUTLET boosters give the most gain with varying degrees of gain for multi-outlet boosters.

Suppose you have a gain of 16dB with a one outlet booster. Using a two outlet booster will give a gain of approx 8dB on each outlet. A four way outlet booster may give approx 4 dB gain on each outlet or two with a slightly higher output than the other two. Depends how the booster is made.

To get a reasonable gain to receive all six muxes from Winter Hill I have to use a SINGLE outlet booster connected to the point the aerial cable enters the property and I then use another booster (four outlet High Gain Maxview) close to the TV to split the output four ways.

This works pretty well apart from days of heavy rain in which case I lose the Mux2 (ITV and 4 channels) and also the mux with the Five TV channels.

You may have to do something similar.

Note that long cable runs will attenuate the signal even more.

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