Freesync Monitor with dual displays with AV Receiver Issues


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I have a GTX 1080 Graphics card connected via DP 1.4 to my LG 34GK950F monitor. A second cable - an HDMI goes out from the same Graphics card to my Denon AV Receiver (X3300w) solely for audio, therefore, I have no monitor or TV connected to the video out of my AV Receiver. The AV Receiver will ALWAYS be perceived by the GPU as a monitor or TV even if there is none connected to the AV Receiver. This is known as a 'Phantom' display. However, this is not the issue.

My last monitor was a G-Sync display in this EXACT setup and it was flawless. I have a mini 7 inch HDMI display to get things connected up an running for dual displays etc and when things look right, I disconnect the mini display and the main display always stayed as is and worked fine after that. No need to ever reconnect the mini display.
Now with the LG display, whenever I turn on Freesync Extended mode from the monitor OSD (this is my intended mode to use for Freesync) the monitor goes blank. I still get audio but it somehow thinks the LG display is the secondary monitor now? When I turn off Freesync the main display works again. If I leave the mini display connected to the AV Receiver all works perfect but I do not want that little sh*t display connected at all times.

When everything is working fine I can disconnect the mini display from the AV Receiver and the main display stays as is. But when I shut down the computer (Windows 10) and turn it back on, the display goes blank again unless I turn Freesync off from the monitor OSD. I had a similar Issue with this setup with a previous Freesync display and managed to fix it with out remembering how the hell I did it!

Does anyone out there have a similar setup? Anyone having a similar issue? Please help!


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You could try getting a HDMI dummy device, plug that into the receiver so it thinks there is something connected.

If that doesn't help maybe using Ultramon could also help, it has an ignored monitor function so Windows may think only one display is connected and Freesync wont freak out. This can also prevent the mouse from moving to the fake second display.

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