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I have just got myself a cheap Pinnacle 7010i capture card to play about with TV capture. I really got it because it was a dual DVB-T tuner on a PCI-express card but I am kinda interested in the dual DVB-S tuners.

Am I right in thinking that if the block of flats I live in has a communal Sky dish then I should just be able to pick up Freesat by connecting up the card to the socket and telling the software to look at Astra at 28E?


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What is the software like that is supplied?
Pants by the looks of it. I have bought myself a copy of DVB-Viewer but not set anything up yet. Is it easy to incorporate DVB-Viewer into some sort of front end?


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Save yourself a lot of hassle and use MediaPortal found here:
Takes a bit to get setup and functional but once you've got your head round it then you'll find it is a fantastic all round media centre software. I use a 7010i with mediaPortal using DVB-S and DVB-T, getting hundreds of free satellite channels and freeview, including BBC HD.

Hope it helps.


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Save yourself a lot of hassle and use MediaPortal
Trying to avoid it... I have had a HTPC setup for about four years now and have it just how I want it for music, pics, DVDs. The recent addition of Blu-Ray is not as ideal as I would like but adding TV appears to involve a radical rethink.

I mainly use my rig for music playback and I have played with many incarnations of MP but the music setup has never been as slick as Meedio. I suppose the WAF factor comes into play here and both my mum and gf have picked up the remote and used the system without question but when I tried MP they both got very confused and kept asking how to do things.

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