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Some people don't want the PVR version like me. I have V+ already, the Freesat box will go into the bedroom.

Also there are people in very restricted rented accom' I know hundreds of people that live in accom' that will not allow them to install a sky dish, so they have to share the one dish. Each of the apartments only has one socket (one LNB split between +80 apartments).

Remember, we aren't all the same.


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I don't want a PVR either. iPlayer, whilst not having the quality, covers me if I miss BBC stuff and there's not a lot else that I'm really desperate to record if I miss. Just because it doesn't suit your needs doesn't instantly make it unsuitable for every other person in the country.


I'm looking at getting a freesat box as we have an old sky dish (oval, grey, hope it works!) on the chimney stack and it will kind of replace/merge with Freeview as we currently get blocking on Five when a bus goes past.

My thinking is I could spend money getting an upgraded aerial (ca. £200) or I could buy a Freesat box for £150 that gets me something equivalent to Freeview, plus HD, plus the FTA channels (if I get a Humax) and it will plumb into my Sony hard disk recorder on a spare input.

I just need to get it past SWMBO... Might have to be a fait accompli but I got a bollocking last time I did that with a DVD player!


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Of course, but the EPG is rather nice, plus ITV are being restrictive (not that I'm expecting anything good to watch but who knows what C4 might do given that they're government owned when their contract runs out with Sky in the Autumn) and it's had the added bonus of putting E4 and More4 on FTA, even though I could keep my existing box.

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