Freesat - schedule for extra channels?


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I'm seriously considering Freesat, but was wondering if anyone had a schedule of when new channels would be added and what they will be.

2 channels that I regularly use on Sky are Living TV and Paramount Comedy. Does anyone know if they will ever be available or are these tied up exclusively to Sky?

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I believe they are Virgin owned channels, Sky have to pay for them channels. On that basis I don't think they will ever be on Freesat.


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According to various reports, there will be around 20 to 30 channels per month added over the coming months, so the platform will have around 200 by the end of the year.

But those will be almost exclusively channels that are already free - ie those that you can view on a Sky box if you take your viewing card out.

Although there have been some channels that have moved from pay to free - Dave, for example, Film4 and E4, it's pretty unusual. The channels would need to be convinced that the extra viewers they attract would outweigh the loss of subscription income. And, of course, some channels may be tied into long term deals with Sky.


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Details as to when Dave and what have you will be coming would be nice though. Whilst Sky may have some sort of right at the moment, there is no reason why it is so difficult to find out when this ends. It was only today I found out that E4 was now on Freesat. Will be checking my Sky Freesat later in the hopes it has also come to that :thumbsup:


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I also notice that on Freesat there are less of the +1 channels that are available on Sky.

Hopefully these will follow too.

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