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Yesterday I wanted to play a bit with the build in freesat receiver on my 42G15 and I could not find it in my menu at all ?
So I downloaded the instruction manual from panasonic website and started to read and found out that the freesat options only showed up when you start the tv up on the country's Germany, Switzerland and Austria, what I think is very strange.
I had to go back to manufacturers settings before I could change the country option from Spain to Germany so I had to setup the whole tv from scratch but after that the 3 build in receivers ( dvb-a/t/s ) worked like it should.

Now the problem is that I got as country Germany I can get the guide-plus on the dvb-t as that is from Spain???

I am Dutch and living in Spain I do speak German also so why are these European models then limited to the setup on the build in sat receiver to Germany, Switzerland and Austria when we do live outside those countries and we can put a dish up anywhere in Europe to see other country sat broad castings.

Not that I love to see now these German Freesat channels as the Jawohl sir just does not sound right but I was testing the sat receiver only ( got a dish for spainish digital+ ) as I am thinking to put up a second dish to astra 28.2E to see the free british channels.
I do need a big dish here which aint cheap but I would love to see a firmware change from panasonic that allows you to setup the dvb-s free of the country you in for setup which allows you to setup the guide plus correctly also.

I think the way it is now is just ridiculously shortsighted.
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