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I've just joined Avforums. I didn't even know this brilliant place existed.

I think I know the answer having read a few threads here. I think it might be something to do with the LNB on an old Sky dish.

I've just moved into this house and there is an old Sky dish and two F type connectors in the livingroom. I've connected them to the TV.

I have a brand new Sony KD-65XH9005 it has a Main and a Sub Sat tuner. It has built in FreeSat and when I set it up for Auto Tuning it finds about 180 stations. However if I got to view them the screen is black and it says no signal, plug in your Antenna.

If I use General Sat and tune it into that. It finds 300+ stations. A lot of Sky and channels that are encrypted. BBC and channel 4, 5 etc are all missing. Things like DAve are there that work and I can see a picture.

My question is what is wrong with the FreeSat that its picking up all the channels correctly, but there is no picture or sound and on Channel guide information either. Have I missed something

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Check out what the LNB on the dish arm looks like.

Most likely it's a fairly recent $ky Q lnb with only two connections. That style is incompatible with most other satellite tuners, but can be a fairly simple d-i-y replace job. It's been covered a fair few times before.

See the pictures of different types here:


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Hi Thanks for the reply. I believe you are right. I think this house may have had Sky Q installed which would now explain why I can't get FreeSat. This forum is a great help in explaining all that. I have searched the internet for days and found the answer here within an hour.


Hi, welcome to the forum, and thank you.
A Google search for LNB types gives you the answer right away.
It’s odd that you can get Dave with the existing setup.
However a quick swap of LNB should put things right.
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The LNB has been changed and I didn't even need to return the TV. All channels are working right away. Thank everyone for your comments and help. Its most appreciated.

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