Freesat - more questions!


With the advent of Freesat, I'm seriously thinking about getting a Freesat receiver - as the people we bought our house from have left their minidish behind, complete with LNB and co-ax through into the lounge (now our cinema room).

My questions are (and apologies if there are misunderstandings in them):

1) How can I tell if the dish is suitable (i.e. not pointed at old analogue satellite positions, or fitted with an old - and therefore incompatible - LNB etc.)? The dish is battleship grey and is oval (like the current black Sky minidishes).

Naturally I would want to be reasonably certain before parting with £150 for an HD Freesat receiver.

2) If it is pointing in the right direction and compatible with the Freesat box(es), what other channels could I receive? I speak French and German and would like to pick up free channels in those languages if possible.

I remember setting up a dish in my parents back garden years ago - in order to get the World Cup in '94 and I was surprised how easy it was. Simply pointed it south, moved it around until I found a signal and went from there. Has this changed much with the advent of digital? The reason I mention this is that I might put up another dish, pointed elsewhere for other channels if it's worth it.

Sorry for so many questions, have been with cable and Freeview for years so am out of touch with satellite tv technology!


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If it is that size of dish then it is definitely not an old analogue one. The chances are it will be set up for Sky Digital so compatible with Freesat. Bear in mind though that there is a chance it won't be properly aligned. If worried it is £80 to upgrade your purchase to include an installation :)


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For french/german language channels you really need a dish pointing away fromt he sky satellite and to one of the euro sats Hotbird, Eurobird etc


Thanks for the replies about the dish.

I've since been nosing around the net and I can see I would probably need to put up another dish and aim that at other sats to get foreign language channels.

The good thing is we have good line of sight so I could even stick it on the side of the house rather than climb up to the top of the chimney stack, which makes installation that bit easier. I would certainly climb up there to save £80 though, particularly if all the existing one needs is a tweak!


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could you get a loan of a sky box/freesat box from some-one and try it connected to you dish ? You can see what free to air channels if any you pickup, and also the signal strenght/quality scale should give you a good indication of how good the signal is.


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