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Hi all,

Any advice would be appreciated. I'm setting up a TV in a new flat and have spotted there is a satellite dish with 2 black cables which run down the house and into the living room. Trying a single of these into the back of the TV picks up channels (when selecting FreeSat for the network/blind search) but they all have no signal or invalid service when navigating to them. Further to this I have tried a Manhattan Freesay box, again plugging one of these straight in to the back of it and using the HDMI to the TV. Again this says the transponder cannot be found.

Having researched this I suspect the LNB on the dish is not correct, but I'm not aware of what services the previous owners used. I've attached a photo of the dish if anything can be seen from this.

My thoughts are I potentially need to get a 4K FreeSat box to pick up channels successfully? Or it could be something else?

Thanks in advance


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Probably a $ky Q aka wideband lnb.

Option 1: Buy a freesat 4k recorder which is wideband LNB compatible.

Option 2: Swap LNB for a normal $ky quad lnb and run more cables in so that a PVR (2 cables) and the TV (1 cable) can use the dish.
Given that you already have two devices that are perfectly capable of receiving UK satellite services, personally, I would swap the existing 'wideband' (Sky Q) LNB over to a conventional 'universal' LNB.
As a side note....

I doubt any UK television service provider will ever get around to OTA broadcasting 4K images. Indeed, we still have far too many UK channels broadcasting in standard definition!
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Thanks for the prompt... I've amended my post with an OTA ;)

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