Freesat issues please help.


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Hi all im in desperate need of advice help! Please read carefully its going to get complicated o_O

i already have 2 recordable Humax freesat boxes( only able to record to programme's at once on each box) connected to my old sky dish though its octo LNB 1 upstairs 1 down. they both work perfectly 2 cables each from sky dish.

I have just bought a new a 3rd recordable freesat box for the daughters room, which has 2 inputs but can record 4 channels at once .

so i went and bought some new shotgun cable to go from dish to new box but getting no signal. so after much faffing about i found that if i connect one of old cables and 1 new cable it works pretty well a bit temperamental,

so is it my cable thats at fault or could it be OCTOLNB its only about 7 years old. just thinking if it was cables it wouldn't work full stop ,

when i check signal on freesat box with 2 new cables it says no/poor signal but if i try it with 1 other cable and new cable both LNB signals and strength is v good

if its the LBN is it easy to swap for new one? I would honestly rather replace LNB than cables do to the fact I've silicone'd in place

please help before i pull rest of hair out

Many thanks in adavance

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Very confusing
You say you have 2 exising humax boxes both connected to a quad lnb and "both work perfectly 2 cables each from sky dish." so that is all 4 outputs from the lnb used up.
You then get a 3rd receiver, but you have no lnb outputs left unconnected!


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The odds are on the F connectors not being fitted correctly they MUST complete an electrical circuit, no part of the earthing braid/foil must touch the inner core. Check both ends and also ensure LNB end is weatherproof.


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I'd agree with connector issue or (rarely) a break in a cable.

What shotgun cable was bought and how long?
Copper clad steel is a poor DC conductor, especially over longer runs and may not be able to power the LNB up. The thin WF65 all-copper cable used by $ky is especially easy to bend the centre core rather than get it into the connector (of lnb and/or receiver). {I have the T-shirt}

BTW the new Arris freesat-branded OVR can only record two programmes with a legacy LNB (quad/octo).
To do four you need a wideband lnb as used by $ky Q or a dSCR LNB / source.

A "hybrid lnb" with 2 wideband and 4 legacy exists. Unfortunately reports are that the Arris can't detect/be made to work with that version; although it's happy enough with the 2 wideband 2 legacy hybrid lnb version.


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I bought this off amazon.
SSL Satellites 25 m Twin Satellite Shotgun Coax Cable Extension Kit with Fitted F Connectors for Sky HD and Freesat - Black (25 Meter, Black )
but cut it down to the length i needed ive taped off both end so no wires showing except the thin wire in the middle. The lnb is about 7 years old so i think it was time before sky q. the funny thing s it works from already routed cables from my other humax freesat box and works fine straight away.

thanks in advance
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ive taped off both end so no wires showing except the thin wire in the middle.
What? The outer screen of the cable must also connect to the outer shell of the F Type plug.


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What? The outer screen of the cable must also connect to the outer shell of the F Type plug.
So strip black plastic outside part , the fold back silver wires against black plastic below leaving white plastic and copper wire exposed then connect f connector over pulled back silver wires?


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I should add if the connectors were pre-fitted then most likely they were crimped with a tool and would not be the screw-on type which can be refitted. Note you need the correct size of connectors for shotgun cable.


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ive taped off both end so no wires showing except the thin wire in the middle.
That'll be the problem.

Wiring up plugs, aerials and wall plates - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials may better help with 'how to'.

Sadly, according to the feedback reviews on Amazon that thin shotgun cable is Copper Coated Steel core (check with a magnet on piece if you have some spare to confirm that)... copper is non-magnetic, of course. Not the best stuff and also some reviews have the screw on "removeable connectors" as pretty rubbish, too.

Do now ensure the LNB end is very well sealed against moisture, as water and steel is a bad combination.

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