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I currently have a SKY dish with a twin feed to my SKY HD box in the lounge and a twin feed to a bedroom upstairs that I don't use, presumably the previous owners must have had multiroom.

So presumably I already have a quad LNB and the SKY dish should be fine for freesat.

I want to get an extra single feed put into another bedroom to feed my Panasonic Freesat TV.

As all my feeds are "in use" I presume the cheapest solution would be take one of the current feeds out the bedroom and then get the installer to fit a new cable to the other bedroom (maybe he could reuse the cable although it might be too short).

Or maybe it might be option to upgrade the quad lnb to an octo and fit an extra twin feed to the other bedroom just for future proofing purposes would I need a new dish to fit a octo LNB?

What cost am I looking at for both options?
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An alternative would simply be to extend one of the current spare cables, to the other bedroom - possibly you could do this yourself. You'll find satellite extension leads at Maplin, or similar electronics retailers.

As regards cost for the options you mention, this will depend on the work (ie the time) involved. And this will depend partly on the location of your dish. Obviously, you're going to be charged more if the fitter has to use a ladder to get to the dish; & if it's awkward laying the cable to the bedroom where you want the connection.

Hopefully, you won't need a new dish to accommodate an octo-LNB; but this depends on what kind of dish you currently have.

If you do decide to have the job done professionally, try to get 2 or 3 quotes from local tradesmen.


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You would be better off contacting an independent satellite installer - they're normally advertised in the Yellow Pages, or, or your local newspaper. Ring a few up, and ask for a quote!

Why pay out for a new install, when all you need is a new LNB and cabling?

There's been a few reports of bad customer service from Argos concerning their installation service. The installers are fine - but if you run into problems, you'll be on the phone forever getting put through from one dept. to another, and being promised call-backs that never come! - Be warned!
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Just called one local installer he wanted £80+ vat for just the cable install. he wanted £160 for the octo install and twin feed!

For the dish and twin feed he was charging £175!

waiting for a call back from another guy.


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I used these when I had my dish installed and their prices seemed fair compared to other local installers. might be worth giving them a try?

DASTV - The Simple Way to Go Digital

I think, from digging about on their site, the number is 0800 046 1891, but don't quote me on that!


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Of course, the other thing might be to just ask them how much to install, and tell them you'll get the LNB and cabling for the job yourself. It might work out a lot cheaper that way!

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