Freesat from Sky on 2 TV's? Is this possible?


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SOrry put this originally in the wrong forum!

:)Hello, many thanks in advance if anyone can help?

A couple of weeks ago I eventually got through to sky to cancel my subscription with them. It runs out in a week, have a std dish and a normal box (centre blue sky logo). We are looking at going with freesatfrom sky for the £20 viewing card. However what would I need to do to run a 2nd box with freesat from sky, currently dont have multiroom. Would I need to change the PVR and run 2nd lead, buy another box and a 2nd viewing card? Is this possible?

ANy help greatly appreciated? Anyone done exactly this?



could i suggest you take a look at FreeSat HD. It is the High Def Satellite based equivilent to Freeview
It is not supplied by Sky, but will give you free to view HD channels (albeit not much content yet). all you pay for is the box.

Humax are launching a PVR imminently

I have never been able to set up a sky+ box with the freesat (sky) subscription as sky have never activated the card for recording.

To answer your original question, if your Sky box has RF2 Out, you can send it through to other rooms via a coax (std tv/sat cable) And even control it using a magic eye


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Cheers for the reply, at the moment due to the limited qty im not too bothered about HD, thanks for the option with the output hadnt thought about that.

The one thing I didnt add was I wanted individual control over channels i.e downstairs for the good programmes and upstairs for the Soaps!!! ha ha and im not going upstairs!!

Im torn between options have sky dish so would be best to use that rather than getting freeview aerial, but want all channels on both tv's?


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If you want Sky+ functions with an expired or freesatfromsky card it costs £10/month.
All recordings made from subscription channels before the subscription was cancelled will not be viewable, but you will be able to record FTV/FTA channels

It appears that you have a Sky+ box and not a standard box which would explain the reference to PVR which confused the issue in this thread in the Sky section

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