Freesat cutting out for a sec or two


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I installed a Sagem Freesat receiver just at the start of the WC, and have noticed something and was wondering if its the service or my receiver.

While watching games, both on ITV HD and BBC HD, every 10mins or so, there is a period of maybe 1 or 2 sec when the picture goes black screen. Its not annoying or anything but was just wondering if anyone else gets it?

Tight Git

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Well, I'd find it very annoying if the picture keeps disappearing, even for a couple of seconds.

You might even miss an England goal! :eek:

It's certainly not on the transmission, or everyone would be shouting, so suggest you contact your supplier.

Good luck. :smashin:


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I never had a problem when the feed was going into a Sky+ box.

Since I put it into the Freesat box, I get it. Perhaps a fault with the Sagem box?


For perhaps read almost certainly.


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I take it that no-one else is seeing this then?

I must try it out on some of the non-HD channels on the receiver to see if it happens on them as well.

If it does, might consider taking it back to Argos for a refund/exchange.

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