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I have 5 Freesat box’s at home. 3 of then allow 1 cable to be connected, 2 of them allow 2 cables to be connected which allows me to watch one channel while recording another. Both of the box’s that allow me to watch and record and now telling me they cant get a signal on quite a few of the channels, these include all BBC and Ch4, but I can get ITV. The boxes that only have one cable connected can still show me all of the channels including BBC and Ch4. I have checked the connections and all see fine, I have swapped the location of the boxes and when I use a single cable box in a room that had a double cable box I can then receive all channels. So the issue I have is purely with the boxes that can record. I’d appreciate any suggestions to resolve this please.


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You omit some information such as which freesat units and your region.
I presume you have a 8 way LNB with each of your connections, sometimes two, going to a box.
The being able to receive some channels on some units and not others but being able to receive all on some units is either:

1. Some ports on the LNB are in the process of failing and they can no longer get either horizontally or vertically polarised channels. A detailed analysis of each channel/region combination would help confirm this.
2. Cable fault - poor electrical connection on some cables disabling LNB port switching.
3. Water ingression on some cables.

1. Is the most probable. Check
Astra 2E (28.2°E) - All transmissions - frequencies - KingOfSat
check the column POL and constuct a list of H and V that are failing. If all are either H or V you have a post switching problem, likely to be a failing LNB.
2. Your check on using a single cable box in a double cable room - did you try both cables?

Michael K

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Thanks for answering. Im in Glasgow, Scotland. The 2 lnb boxes are different - 1 is Humax, 2nd is a new Freesat 4k recorder unit. Channels I cant get (its intermittent) are Bbc 1 hd, ch4, 5hd, bbc scotland, bbc4, bbc1, itv2+1, itv3, itv4, e4, 4 more+1, 5+1, 5 usa, 5 usa+1, 5 star, paramount, 5 select, 5 star +1, pick, pick+1, challenge,sky arts.

Where I have boxes that cannot record tv I receive all channels 24/7.

The problem is only with the units that can take 2 inputs. I have shifted these boxes to other rooms, and have alternated the wires. Perhaps of interest I placed one of the recordable boxes in a room with a single cable - and the same intermittent fault occurs

I did wonder about rain but made a mental note of the weather when the issue occured. It doesn't seem to matter


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I’ve bought a new freesat box because the humax one stopped working, however, I’m getting the same problem. I set to record and sometimes it records and sometimes the message says “failed recording “, or else it records half of the program. Any suggestions anyone.
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