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Discussion in 'Satellite TV, Sky TV & FreeSat' started by waynewickenden, Feb 19, 2005.

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    Freesat seems to only offer shopping channels, music channels etc, surely it should also offer the channels available on freeview like for example FTN, uktv History, Ideal World, UKTV Bright ideas. Is this right?

    Are Sky having a laugh (Im just waiting for Jeremy Beadle to knock on my door), who in there right mind wants to pay £150 for some lousy shopping and music channels.

    If i had known this i would have gone out and purchased a freeview box and just hoped for the best.

    Any feedback would be appreciaited
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    There are very very few channels that could survive on the audiences that watch via digital satellite without some other form of funding. The same applies for Freeview as the channels you mention get the bulk of their funding from SKY and Cable subscribers with some advert revenue as a bonus.

    Freesat is more important to the 25% of the UK population who can not get DTT/Freeview and do not wish to pay a monthly subscription for satellite or cable just get the digital versions of the big 5 broadcasters. The dozens of digital radio stations and handful of free digital TV channels is just a bonus.
    While there is vast amounts of money to be made by being in a subscription package it's really a no brainer to remain encrypted especially when the potential audiences between PAY and FTA on Dsat is marginal at best.
    E4 is rumoured/expected to become FTA on Dsat/DTT by the end of the year, they of course will be virtually 100% subsidised by the profits from CH4 with some money coming from advertising, it will be needed since they are turning their back on the millions they get from subscriptions.

    If you had asked there are plenty of people here who would have told you exactly what you were getting for your money and any alternatives, infact you should have been able to figure it out yourself with some basic web searches.

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