Freeloader on PAL Wii


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Once somebody had picked up there PAL Wii tonight can they test the freeloader out with both US and JAP games please. Although I am going to pick up my Wii tonight it is an xmas present so I am not going to be able to play it till 25th. I just want to know if I need to sell all my NTSC gamecube games or hang onto them.



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I think this was tested on a US Wii and it worked fine. Search the forums and you should find a definite answer.

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I think the topic starter just wanted to confirm pal wii's aren't locked out


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Yes I know it works on US Wii, but I want somebody to confirm it works on the UK PAL Wii


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Has anybody had a chance to test this yet? I can't wait until tonight, I want to know now.


I suggest you apply a little patience... :)

I feel for you though... my missus wont let me have one at all! ;)


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I have tested two versions of freeloader and they dont work on my PAL wii. The screen just says unable to detect disc. Sorry to give ya the bad news.


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Mine wont work. Says disc is unreadable. Could be the update that has stopped it.


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Damn that is very bad news!


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Judging by some news on NTSC-UK it appears that the Wii is based on Pearl White Gamecube Hardware & as such has the same firmware etc & as far as I can gather the Pearl White's were made to not work with Freeloader, perhaps someone can confirm? so could explain why this isnt working here.

Not a real pain for me as I still have my Pal Cube & Freeloader so all my Jap/US games are still playable, just a nuiscane that I have to have both machines wired up :(


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