freeloader is defo released in 2 weeks


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just received this email
Dear Customers,
Just a quick update to let you know that Freeloader is finally on the way.

Yes, you did actually read that right. According to Datel, Freeloader will DEFINITELY, 100% be finished and shipping within the next week, which means that in less than two weeks, we should have Freeloader in stock and ready to sell to you, the lucky consumer!

Now, obviously, interest on this item has been massive, but it's a safe bet that there are STILL some people out there who haven't preordered a Freeloader. If you fit into that category, you really need to take a look at our Freeloader Deal page, because there are some amazing savings to be had.

If you preorder a Freeloader this way, you can mix and match to create your own bundle, picking from:

Freeloader (£14.99) or Action Replay (£22.99)
A selection of the hottest US GC titles including Metroid Prime, Starfox Adventures and Super Mario Sunshine, all at prices of either £31.99 or £39.99
A selection of discounted US games including Luigi's Mansion, Crazy Taxi and SSX Tricky, with prices from £19.99
A selection of US GC accessories including the Wavebird controller.


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The way I hear it is that because Nintendo use there own media there is no way this product will be released without the blessing of the big N and because this disc would pretty much kill there drip drip release schedule in europe I cannot see it happening.

I do hope I am wrong though because the missus wants to play mario sunshine in the bedroom and there is no way I am going to buy 2 copies of the game (too lazy to take U.S cube away from my projector).


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They always produced the software cartridges for the SNES too, but that didn't stop Datel from making the Action Replay and Universal Adaptor.


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I normally save this for special occassions only but I feel this is a situation for the Pink Elephant.



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lmao it was worth posting just to see the pink dancing elephant lol:D i just hope now all you gamecube owners are not dissapointed an it turns out the freeloader aint gonna happen.but it seems 100 percent that it will enjoy your region free cubes people ;)


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Datel have stated before that it will be out "next week" and nothing's appeared, so I wouldn't get too excited. Goblin seem to be milking it quite well though, I imagine they must be earning a nice amount of interest from all the money they've already charged on these pre-orders...

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