freecom dvb-t usb stick



:) hope someone can help,i have got a freecom dvb-t to receive freeview on my p.c when i am watching live t.v on some chanels the picture freezes and the sound stutters,i put one on my daughters laptop and it works great,so is it a problem with my graphics card or somethink else,my graphics card is a radeon 9250 256mb


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Its more likely to be the quality of the signal each pc is receiving. You have a good graphics card there, are you using the supplied small ariel with it. try connecting it to the rooftop ariel and see if theres any improvement.


thanks for the quick reply sbowler but i am connected to rooftop ariel i have even tried it connected to my daughters ariel connection but it still stutters


I have the same DVD-T stick. What is the spec of the rest of the computer? Regardless of what Freecom saids. It needs at least 512MB RAM and not to slow processor.

Also, the aerial isn't very good unless it can pick up a decent signal. It prefers to have the aerial wire straight as possible.

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