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Aug 19, 2002
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I wish TV's were free! :)

But.. while your here i need some help.

I asked about adding a sub to a PL4 but didn't think it was poss. :(

I went to comet today to have a look at some sets and spotted the PL4 in the corner... I had a look around the back of it and spotted 2 phono sockets and a bunch of speaker grip clips.

What i want to know is what are they all for? i'm guessing the speaker clips are for the 2 rear speakers but what are the phono's for? are they incase you want to add new front speakers? if so could i run the sub from one of those channels or is it internal or external not both??
Don't know what a PL4 is but usually on TVs the two phono sockets are for taking the audio from the TV to an amp.

Where the phonos red and white?

Also does the PL4 have any DTS or DD 5.1 decoder in it? If not then I don't know how you would get the .1 signal to the subwoofer. Perhaps someone else can clarify this.

They are red and white, and it's dolby pro ligic but it's not got a sub out on the rear :(

Does it need to have a special sub out? or will the sub filter etc its self?
You won't get an LFE channel,but if you wish to use a sub you are likely looking at adding an amp or rec and powering the sub from there.
LFE is the ".1" in Dolby Digital and DTS surround formats and refers to the Low Frequency Channel - i.e. the bass channel for soundtracks.

As Lynx says, in order to run a Sub you realistically need to use a seperate receiver which will decode the sound and send the right information to the sub and other speakers - regardless of whether the sub is powered or passive. You could get away with using a stereo amplifier, in which case you would connect the 2 phono's from the back of the TV to an "aux" input on the amp, and then connect the sub in between the amp and speakers using high level (speaker cable based) connections.

I'm guessingn also, that you could get away with connecting the phono's from the TV, to the line inputs on a sub and then use the subs internal xover to extract the relevant information but I can't imagine it will sound too brilliant, and it would be VERY difficult to setup. :rolleyes:

Hmmm - just read that back and it doesn't sound particularly understandable... hope you can get the general gist... it's been a long day!!


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