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Ok so finally gonna get a wii. Then I realised my phone contract was running out so decided to have a look on where they offer a free wii with most phones. Just want to know if there are any catches and if you recieve the wii straight away.



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when i got a free psp last year with onestopphoneshop it came 28 days after contact started. also the only cartch i have seen is that you pay more when u get a free console and if you get a phone with out one.


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Ive just received a new phone from buymobilephones - was planning on trying to reduce my line rental from £30 to £20 and then i came across the wii deal, so im still paying £30 which probably splits to about £20 for my phone and £10 a month for the 18 months so thats a wii on interest free credit really!
And also all you have to do is send a form with proof of id back and you can get the wii in approx 7 days - oh and it comes with wii sport!


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There arent really any catches with Wii deals like these. You pay a bit more for the phones with the Wii plus you have to wait 28 dyas to recieve it. Apart from that you will get your Wii.
Its the cashback offers that these phone companies do that are a little more complicated coz you have to send back vouchers every few months within specific dates to get your money - if you forget to send the voucher you get nothing!


When I looked at these kind of deals before they seemed like a rip-off - yeah, sure you'll get your wii, but from memory, the deals I saw were like:

a) free phone, £30 a month


b) Phone costs £200, £30 a month, and free Wii

Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out that you're still paying for the Wii - how much it costs you in real terms you'd have to weigh up against the cost of buying one from somewhere else...



The Link were giving away a free Wii and a 2GB iPod nano with some of their contract phones. You'd have to do the maths though to see if it was worth it for yourself and your phone usage habits.

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