"free wifi" what exactly does this mean??


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I am currently considering my first iPhone purchase on Tuesdays pre-order, however am a little confused by one thing.

Both Apple UK and UK mobile carriers offer "free wifi" for a year with PAYG purchases (assume this will be the same for the IP4). However Wifi is always "free" as long as you have an appropriate key. So what exactly do they mean by this??


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O2 have wifi access points all over the UK called cloud Wifi. If you are in such an area or within range as an O2 customer you can connect to the access point for free.


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It also cover access to BTOpenZone which is normally subscription based!


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Ok cheers for that. So i am with Orange, how would i know whether i am within range of a free BTOpenZone access point?


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It is handy to have it, I use it when it Euston station and at airports when 3g is rubbish.


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The wifi sites belong to O2 so you'll not get much luck with Orange :)

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