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Added a free view box to my vcr - dvd- set up getting a weak signal message from f/v box. I have one aerial for bbc 1/2/itv/3/4/5.

Another aerial to recive RTE fitted wth a signal booster to boost RTE signal will i have to buy another booster for the free view box
or more powerful singal booster fitted with aerial in and two outlets .


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TV aerials come in several subtly different types, matched to the set of frequencies used for broadcasts. In most cases, the frequencies used for DVB differ enough from those used for Analog as to make a different aerial type (known as 'group') a requirement for good reception.

Check out your main transmitter on the DTG website... Information

to find out what 'group' you need. And, if necessary, change your aerial to suit. You may find you require group "W" (most do) which is wideband - i.e. covers all frequencies. W aerials tend to have lower gain than a similarly sized specific group (A, B or C/D) so be prepared to buy a high gain (read - lots of elements) model.

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