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I was in a Vodafone shop this weekend, and they have a new offer for pay as you go. Spend £5 from Monday to Friday (7.30pm) and get the rest of the weekend calls and texts for free..

Includes calls & texts to all other mobile networks, so seems like a good deal if you spend this much anyway. You can use it instead of your landline & save money on that as well!

You also get free texts if you only spend £2.50.

I've got my PAC code from O2 to join Vodafone with my existing number - they tried to offer me other stuff - but this is defintely the best deal!

You can also keep your existing mobile so you don't have to splash out on a new one - get a SIM card (sometimes free on their website) but you might have to get your phone unlocked.

Sonic Brew

Standard Member
Are you serious? Sounds like a great deal so there must be a catch surely? I spend £5 easily in the week with Orange and may think about coming over for this :)

Sonic Brew

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Thanks for that link Crocodile. Answers a lot of questions I had.

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