Free standing punchbag

Phil Scott

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Hi all,

Am looking for some sort of free standing punch bag. I used to have a bag mounted on a wall when I was still living at home, but have now moved in to my own flat, which is rented, so cannot really mount from the wall or ceiling.

I'm looking for a free standing bag that ideally can be separated from the base for storage. I have seen various things available but unsure of how good they are.

Does anyone have any recommendations or experience with these types of bags?

are you on the ground floor? if you have people below you, they wont like the noise ( even with base full, they still move around alot ) ive got a bob, base filled with sand, and ive kicked other a few times, if your on the ground floor then not an issue, id recommend the BOB or wavemaster



Phil Scott

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Thanks all. Yes on ground floor - wouldn't even consider it if people were living below. (even though sometimes it sounds like whoever is above us may have one haha).

Have thought about it some more and realistically I don't think I have enough space for it.

Might have to consider something to go outside instead as we have a smallish garden.

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