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Not sure if this is the right sub-forum but I suspect this is probably the best fit.

Can anyone recommend a self standing monopod suitable for a set of SkyMaster 25x100 binoculars?

I am lucky enough to have a living room looking out over Loch Lomond. The above binoculars are superb for viewing the wildlife but my current Tripod is a bit flimsy and I am struggling to find a suitable alternative. I want something that is sturdy (i.e it won't fall over if knocked by the kids) and preferably a monopod so it uses a small footprint in the Living Room. It doesn't need to be particular mobile as long as I only need to move it a few metres out the way or onto the balcony.

Can anyone make any suggestions?


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Small footprint means it can be knocked over, anything with three legs is inherently unstable if pushed by a child, even the sturdiest of tripods can be easily pushed over. I have a Manfrotto monopod with pop out legs but it would be useless around kids.

How about something like a Gorillapod with Action Clamp and Arm? Clamp it to the window sill? Maybe there are cheap clones of it? Or maybe copy the idea and do some DIY.


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With any movement magnified by the optics you need something that's rock solid.... like an arm to take the binos with a pan-tilt head... then bolt this to the window-frame, or wall - the misses won't like - - - but that avoids footprint - and still allows some tracking of what you see.
You can get "Magic-Arms" that clamp onto something ( e.g. a tree or convenient small dia.. pole.), but they will need something solid indoors and cheap ones don't have great strength. Also they vary -but typically are 14" long and flex in the middle until locked. You have to buy a pan-tilt head separately. Pay about £16. + pan-head about the same, I guess.

Does the window-glass not distort your viewing? - - - as you said "living room" -


25 x 100 is a serious magnification bino, methinks.... Great.
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