Free Sky Plus with Multiroom?


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At long last i've ordered Sky Plus this morning. However, on the website it's stating that:

"And the Sky+ subscription is free if you have two Sky Premium channels (otherwise £10 per month)"

As I subscribe to the full package, does this mean that I don't have to pay the £10 per month that I was told I had to when ordering?

Can anyone confirm?

Many thanks!



Yes, if you subscribe to 2 or more premium channels, the £10 a month is waived. There is still a £10 a month charge if you have 2 boxes in multi-room, though.


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Many thanks,

I'm just having one Sky plus box installed into the main room, & my existing box relocated to the bedroom. However, I just phoned up & they still claim I have to pay an extra £10 a month. I can't quite understand it?


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If you have Sky+ and another sky box in another room there are 2 charges £10 for the extra box (multiroom) and a further £10 for Sky+. As Nick_UK says if you have a premium package, Sky waiver the Sky+ subscription but you still have to pay for multiroom. I hope this helps as I am quite new to replying on this forum


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I think thats what the guy at Sky was trying to say so I guess i'll have to pay the £10 a month. Just thought i'd double check.

Many thanks to you both...


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If you just want to view Sky in the other room, rather than having a 2nd subscription, just get a Sky Eye for £15 from Argos (or anywhere).

Do you just want to ability to change channel & view or do you want the capability to have 2 people viewing 2 different channels at the same time?

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