FREE PVR functions of SKY+????

Discussion in 'Sky Digital TV Forum' started by Pyara, Jul 13, 2004.

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    This is absolutely true....

    About 3 months ago we decided to start some major house work (making through-lounge, removing chimneys etc), so we decided to phone sky and terminate our viewing as we would be without a living room for 3 months!

    At the time, we only subscribed to sky+ on it's own, just £10 per month, we used the PVR features to record a great deal of FTV programs including Eastenders etc.

    When I phoned to cancel, I recevied a letter of confirmation a few days latter, in-fact, the letter is dated 14th of April, and indeed some time after receiving the letter (1 months notice) the service terminated so we could no-longer watch recorded programs or pause live tv etc.

    No, some 2-3 months since then, although we still don't have the room fully decorated, I was able to plug my SKY+ back in and use a video sender (wireless) to send the picture to my bedroom upstairs, the main reason for doing this was to benefit from Sky's EPG, so I know what time what program is starting (something I seriously missed!!!)

    Now, although the box has been on for about a week I never pressed the pause/record buttons because I obviously don't have a subscription and hence they should not work, however my finger accidentely hit the record button and to my amazement the box starting recording?

    I then managed to watch the recording back, and indeed previously recorded programs could also be played back? Furthermore, I can also pause/rewind live TV?

    I have only 2 explanations for this:

    1) The sky+ service is now free (highly unlikely)
    2) Because the box has only been plugged in for about a week (in this time it has been off for a while as the mains electric work is still being done), perhaps it has not had a chance to establish it's subscription statues?

    In terms of channels, I can only watch the FTV programs, sky one etc are not viewable?

    If anyone has any ideas on this please let me know, if the service stops I will let everyone know!
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    It sounds like the have not turned off the + functions as they are separate form the channel functions, I had a problem the opposite to you and SKY told be they have not turned on the + function at there end.


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