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Free POP3 Email?


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Are there any providers of free, reliable email accounts that can be used with Outlook/Mail for Vista? Trying to set one up for my Mum.

She has a Hotmail account but prefers to use the MS Mail program rather than webmail. I assume there is no way to send and receive via hotmail, gmail etc accounts through MS Mail? I thought they had to be POP3 servers?

She currently gets on the net via my Virgin wi-fi and I could set up another Virgin mailbox, however, I'd prefer to have an account that would be accessible from any ISP in case this changes.


Chris - CDI

Standard Member
Google google google. its the easiest to set up, you can divert mail to and from it and it automatically backs it up for you.

i've actually just set an account up for my grandparents!:clap:


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Thanks. Just checked the Hotmail site again and found the info for setting it up via POP3 in Outlook. Didn't find it first time around. I'll also have another look at google. :thumbsup:
Problem with hotmail pop3 is you still have to login to your online webmail once every 30days.
I personally a google mail account setup using IMAP with my laptop and phone, then my old hotmail account forwarding all emails to my google mail, when hotmail is set to forward email you only need to log into web mail once very 270 days.


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Just tried setting up the hotmail account but when entering the email address it says Windows Mail for Vista no longer supports hotmail, google mail etc. Seems Outlook would work, but Vista doesn't include Outlook.

It suggests using Windows Live Mail instead. Not sure what this is like, though.

Didn't know about having to logon to webmail every so often. I'm not convinced she'll remember to do this. Might be better off just setting up a Virgin mailbox.

Ben Cole

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Windows Live Mail is just like Windows Mail except a bit nicer to look at.

I also wasn't aware that I have to log in every 30 days. Maybe circumstance has meant I've never had to do it.

I use Hotmail with Outlook on my eeepc, Windows Live mail on my Laptop and for push email on my Blackberry. I've had my hotmail account for about 12 years now (pre Microsoft IIRC) and have never understood why my friends use ISP given email addresses. They always regret it when a new contract with a new ISP is set up.

I've never used Google mail, but willj12's suggestion also sounds good.
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Googlemail for me. Don't use outlook anymore, i access gmail (in imap mode) from my phone and the googlemail webpage, far more convenient.

Plus, like has been said above, you can get it to pull in mail from existing mail accounts (virgin, hotmail etc etc)
Not to mention Calender, Docs, Contacts and the fortcoming Wave.

Best thing i ever did replacing my multiple accounts with one googlemail account.
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Didn't know about having to logon to webmail every so often. I'm not convinced she'll remember to do this.
If your wife uses any Windows live, msn, passport or whatever they call it now with her hotmail email address then that will count a login to keep your account active. I also have a feeling (though don't know for sure) that if you use Windows Live Mail then you don't need to log in once every 30days.

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