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Perhaps a silly question - is it possible to retrofit some Oppo 103D apps like Tidal or Netflix into 203 device?Or these chips are not compatible or security mechanisms prevent it?Anyone tried?


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Poison, the Oppo Digital abandoned from including Netflix, Vudu and others in the Oppo-203/205 firmware. Im not sure why besides the rumors that Netflix said no and or Blu-ray Disc Assoc had an issue. I think, in todays UHDTVs have the current popular streaming Apps and this wouldnt be needed to be added back into the Oppo-203/205 firmware. Maybe moremodey01 can comment on whats left in the firmware relating to Netflix and any others.


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netflix app is there yeah , but even if it starts it will be outdated i guess so no real use. Does it still works on 103 ?
Really, in our firmware? How can you launch it?
I didn't know that there were apps on it.


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Really, in our firmware? How can you launch it?
I didn't know that there were apps on it.
dunno never checked actually

maybe try over ssh , it is in /usr/local/bin/netflix_qt
binary is netflix and there is a wrapper script called

but i guess that it was somehow mapped to the Netflix button and then bdpprog was closing all is thread but the main one like it does in soft power off mode to free the display device and all and then start it,

again this is pure guess i never checked :)
Funny, I just have my Russian friend asking me what will happen if he will install RU-US JB into OPPO 203 bought in Russia. Will it work for him?


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I Will change the main board of Oppo 203 by myself ...
Any advice for this ?

I am in Brazil and the customs are very complicate to send to US for repair ...

Then after diagnosis at distance of the gentil Oppo staff I buy the main board.

I take my chances because they cannot afirm that's the problem ...

Reading the last posts I think If I don't need to make the same back up ...
I don't now how because the Oppo is only with the áudio HDMI working ...
The main HDMI is dead, only flash the symbol Oppo and the TV lost signal.

Just do give feedback ...
The motherboard arrived I switched by myself and the Oppo return to operate normaly ...
It was not without fright but I'm happy ...


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