Free NewMotion RFID Cards For Charging In Europe..

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    I hope this may help if anyone was thinking of taking their EV to Europe..

    Newmotion are offering a Cross network RFID Card that activates over 30000 Charge points in Europe, (Only works on the Shell Recharge ones in the UK at the moment, and they accept Credit card anyway, so not much use in the UK)

    But I was put off taking my Zoe on a European Theme Park Road trip as there are so many charge networks over there.

    Then I saw Newmotion were offering this charge fob it activates the charger and you get billed to your newmotion account..

    It seems you get charged exactly the same for the charge as if you were using the local networks access card

    They are making their money by charging a 0.35Euro activation fee every time you use a charger (No monrthy fees or anything else silly). Which seems great for the odd trip to europe.

    So well worth sending off for an RFID just in case.

    IMG_20180417_102453.jpg IMG_20180417_102504.jpg
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