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Tried the demo earlier. My god it plays terribly.

If anyone thinks the MP is bad in the full game then they need to try this!

I literally couldn't control my guy. Don't know if it's a frame rate issue or what but trying to aim properly was nigh on impossible.


Tbh I don't know if it's the game or not now?! If I can explain.....

Basically I set my Xbox One up this morning and the Ghosts MP demo was the first game I tried.

It was unplayable as mentioned but when I hit the Guide button on the controller, it wouldn't take me back to the dashboard. Pressed it a few times and it eventually did.

Now I'm holding the Guide button to try and turn the console off and either nothing happens or after so many attempts the option to turn it off is there and almost immediately disappears?

This isn't the first Xbox One I've owned and I've never come across this issue? Don't know if the recent big update has caused a problem or I've a dud console.

Looks like it'll be going back to GAME in the morning.


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Touch the power on/power off button the front of the console for 10 seconds, this will hard reset it. Leave for a minute and then power back on.

I turned of all the instant on options as i think it is a bit buggy personally.


Well the hard reset didn't have any effect mate but I think I've found the cause and it appears to be the Guide button on the controller.

As an example, if I press and hold the Guide on the Settings page, I get some kind of noise (almost music like) before it returns me to the Home screen???

If I press it firmly, and I mean firmly, I then get the option to turn the console off every time???

Its got to be a circuitry issue in the Guide button given I'm convinced it's a controller that's the problem now. That might explain why I was having issues in the Ghosts demo (maybe other circuits aren't working as they should) given I can't find anything online about problems with the demo.

Unfortunately I don't have another controller that will clarify this so I'm going to take the controller back to GAME and see if they can try it on one of their consoles in store.

Very strange :eek:


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Gave it a crack, first map looked OK poor water but nice foliage shadows just a nice cod nothing great but that's what I want, clean and smooth.

Second game seemed back to old cod shot in the back split second after spawn, got passed off and left and low and behold host migration,! I thought it was dedicated servers? I know I am on infinity so good to host but still it means I was getting good host raped as per usual. F that for fun, shame as the squad bits they did actually really appealed and was hoping they might win me as I expected the game to be cheap as chips after titanfall so I would not feel bad about buying it.

Ohh well 5 mins and I am back to pvz for my shooter fix.


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