Free Hazel Keeley Gamer pics and Theme on marketplace

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I'm like a magpie ... I always download the free stuff on XBL, even if I never use 90% of it :)

"2010" spectacles avatar item anyone? :rotfl:


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Who is this Hazel Keeley :confused: ;)

I best do a google search and find out :smashin:

Ok i found her, it seems she is called Keeley Hazell.
I best post some pictures so people know who she is and then they can decide if they want the theme or picture pack ;)

I'm Here to help :rotfl: :smashin: Hazel/keeleyhazeljpg12.jpg hazel/keeley_hazell_lingerie_gp_9_big.jpg


Tones, there is no way that YOU didnt know who Keeley was?


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Not sure the missus will be happy with this but downloaded anyway!:smashin:


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I feel it is my duty to point of that woman are not mere objects to be oggled and fantasised over :nono:, but should be shown the same level of respect :rotfl:, no, I can't say that with a straight face :D.


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The videos are worth a watch,

Mainly the A & B ones.

Oh la la!!

Lucky bloke from Inbetweeners


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Keeley makes you go blind if you are single.

Oh and the phrase ".... like a rat up a drain pipe" springs to mind.



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I'd advise against watching her 'personal home video' which can be found on the internet. It spoiled the illusion for me. Spends the whole thing whinging and fishing for compliments. It's very lacklustre. Like a lot of women who make you think of rat and drainpipe when you look at them, when they open their mouths it spoils things. See Jordan and Cheryl Cole for further examples.

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Missus today while tidying up was streaming music from the PC onto the 360 clocked my new theme and changed the back ground pic to a whale ( sample pics from windows vista i think :confused:) any way short argument commenced bah blah blah....

"Why you got her on there for"

umm she's fit i'm male... it's my 360 why?

"Well i deleted it :eek: (baring in mind she has just worked out how to switch it on so i'm thinking oh my god she's wiped my hard drive etc... turns out she never anyway so panic over)

"I changed the pic to a whale"

So i had to reply "Listen hun if i wanted a whale pic on there i would upload your photo :rolleyes:... big mistake

Let's just say the house has been quiet and a bit lonely ... oh well i've got Hazel to keep me company :rotfl:
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