Free Fuel Said the Petrol station manager!!!

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    Very Odd and not something I would have expected

    Pulled into a Shell Garage with a 22kwh PodPoint Charger on the forecourt this afternoon

    It's listed on the PodPoint app at 24p a kWh. Which I thought was fair for a charge.

    First time I have used a paid PodPoint but while I was plugging in and getting the app open to start the charge the petrol station manager came over and said

    Don't bother using the app it just works if you plug in (I know the PodPoint give 15mins free so thought he meant that). But no he was insistent it would just carry on charging free

    What do you know it did!!!!!

    I wonder if he also runs out on the forecourt to let people know if the petrol pumps are in free vend.... Anyway nice chap and it got me over 20kws of power while sorting out a cheap coffee at the MCDs across the road

    Bring on more petrol stations like this one

    IMG_20180402_142244.jpg IMG_20180402_142233.jpg

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