Free dvd hire for 14 months


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i have tried it, its cool, just remeber to look at the dvd hire companies terms and conditions about returning the discs and cancelling with no obligation. You do need to register a credit card, but i have never been charged a penny!

i have tried about ten companies now, had dvd's coming out of my ears!



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what :)

u can watch them then return them for free, so in 14 months you could watch 70 movies for free!!



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you've got a job to get 14 months free rentals at this stage of the game...most have merged or died along the way.
like me,you might get about 6 months if you're lucky but thats no complaint as all the usual suspects i've used have been fine especially iif you want to rent music dvds as the only place you can seem to do this is on line.
try these..apollogies if theres dead links but like i said.


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This is old news guys, and most of them have merged so you missed the boat as Screen Select or Lovefilm own most of them now. I went 12 months without paying for a rental, I had 3 a week and my friend at work was ripping them at work and sending them back the same day so was getting through 20+ a month. He reckons he'll watch them when he retires!

For what it's worth, Lovefilm are awful but I'd recommend Screen Select or Blockbuster :)


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there are still lots of sites out there not linked to screen select, so keep looking and post the sites to my other thread.



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if you have have already had a free trial at blockbuster for example,you can do a trial to a relatives (preferably someone who has not got a dvd player,so they dont watch them).once they have received the first three dvds,you can change the address to yours and receive the rest.i have just started my 28th trial and have receved 303 dvds,297 of them films since feb 2004.

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