Free Christmas Prestige Token


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Just this second got this email from IW into my inbox.

NH was mentioning earlier he had got double XP, this must be it.

I am so pleased about the token, as stupid me was wanting to use the last one one getting the deagle done.

I used it at level 72 thinking I can use it for 4 prestiges on the god awful 1887.

The two hours ran out just as I hit 76 so I could not use it on the deagle.

Double Weapon XP here I come

Anyway here is the email

Happy Holidays from Call of Duty(r) ELITE

Thank you for being a Premium member of Call of Duty ELITE. Because you were among the first to join us, we wanted to provide you with a special gift to use in Call of Duty®: MW3 during the holidays: an additional two hours of Double XP and a Prestige Token. It's our way of thanking you for being with us at the beginning, and to wish you a happy holidays.

- Beachhead Studio and the Call of Duty ELITE team

How to redeem your gift:

2 Hours of Double XP: This has been automatically added to your account and will appear the next time you play MW3. To see the amount of Double XP time you have go to "Barracks" in MW3 and look for the gold "XP" icon at the bottom of your player stats.

Prestige Token: This token has been automatically added to your account. Use this token in the Prestige Shop to unlock perks like additional Double XP time, extra custom class slots or more. To use your token select "Barracks" from the MW3 multiplayer menu and then "Prestige Shop" from the MW3 multiplayer menu


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Cheers wondered why i had double xp. Got my first prestige token woohoo.

How you getting on with the deagle?


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How you getting on with the deagle?

About to fire up the PS3 now so expect a post in about 30 mins of me swearing.

Once I get to level 5 with the hand guns its all plain sailing, but that level 1-5 is rage inducing. Hence why I wanted to use a double weapons XP to get to 5.

I would recommend those intending to unlock the shottys to use this token on getting the 1887 to 28. It is the longest gun to rank up with as there is no addons to it to gain XP on.

Plus it seems the kills jump right up, I just passed 300 kills with it, with double weapons XP used all the way and I am only level 26. That is seriously rage inducing as you lose almost every 1v1


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Look forward to saying your getting the hang of it. Still no better feeling for me from any cod of taking down 3 or 4 people quickly with the deagle. 8 more headshots then i get 10k xp for 350 headshots


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That's my Christmas present to myself sorted then, a striker for keeps.


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I used a token on mk14 this prestige, will i keep it for ever and ever ahmen?


the owed me one anyway!


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Ah ha, last week I went on elite and I had the gold dbl xp banner on my player card and wondered if it was in preparation for some dbl xp

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