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ush flynn

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yeah it comes preloaded on the HDD as with a few themes, bit of music and other media like that

i just wasted my 1000th post saying that... :(


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It comes pre-installed on every 20gb hard drive, whether you buy the premium console or the core one and then buy the HDD as an additional item.


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It's Microsoft's way of thanking us for buying there Xbox 360.


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You'll never believe me when I tell you this! I didn't even realise it was the full game of Hexic on there(& I've had my 360 since launch), I always wondered why you're able to get achievements on that demo:rolleyes:

Well that's a bonus, might go back & give it some more play now I know it's the full game:)


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I didnt know it was there either until i read this thread, had my 360 since launch aswell.


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I went to stop with some friends at the weekend and they've had their 360 for a couple of months. They didn't know about Hexic either untill I showed them. I wish I hadn't though as the next few hours saw them becoming hopelessly addicted and made for a thoroughly boring evening. :(

It wouldn't be so bad if a game didn't last so damn long.


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Could have been worse, it could have been Bejewelled on Endless mode :suicide:

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