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Jul 11, 2001
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CBS has ordered a detective drama pilot titled Frankenstein. Writer Jason Tracey (Burn Notice, Elementary) is responsible.


This latest and very loose adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel follows a San Francisco homicide detective who “is mysteriously brought back to life after being killed in the line of duty. But as he resumes his old life and he and his wife realize he isn’t the same person he used to be, they zero in on the strange man behind his resurrection – Dr. Victor Frankenstein.”

The Det. Frankenstein drama (yes, we know, he’s technically Frankenstein’s monster) will be in consideration for next season’s primetime lineup.

If this concept sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because there was another Franken-cop drama just a few years ago.

'Frankenstein' Twist from 'Elementary' Team, 2 More Dramas Land CBS Pilot Orders
"...technically Frankenstein’s monster..."
Don't they mean literally. Alan Partridge would be disgusted.
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Ryan Phillippe to Play Modern-Day Frankenstein for CBS
Ryan Phillippe is set to play a 21st century Frankenstein's monster for CBS.


Phillippe's Mark Escher was presumed dead after an attack and fire at his home in San Francisco. Six months later, he shockingly reappears and is reunited with his wife, Elizabeth Lavenza (Law). But something has changed: A shadow lies over his formerly sunny disposition, and he's haunted by visions of the case he was working when he died.

Mark and Elizabeth, a pathologist/medical examiner, will seek answers to who shot and abducted him, and why. Elizabeth knows there's a secret behind Mark's reappearance, and she thinks she knows who is responsible: Dr. Victor Frankenstein (Staton).

Victor is a brilliant, odd, driven — maybe obsessed — scientist who's working on a cutting-edge project. On the run from an ethics board in China, Victor has returned to the United States where he works at a lab and is very involved in whatever happened to Mark. He's also Elizabeth's ex.
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