Frank Harvey Hi-Fi Thread - News, Offers, Demo Listing & Vinyl Releases!

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Contact Details & Demo Product Listing

Keep an eye out on this thread for announcements of our special events, special offers, ex-demo and B Grade clearance lists, and general news items.

Our website - will host all of the products we can order or have in stock, but below is a list of products currently on demo.

I'll remove posts when they're no longer relevant, so everything will be up to date.




SR250 2-channel AV Receiver
AVR850 AV Receiver
CDS27 CD Player
A29 and A39 Amplifiers.

SCM7, SCM11, SCM19 and SCM40 Loudspeakers
CA2 Pre amplifier
P1 power amplifier
SIA2-150 integrated amplifier.

MT50 and MT60D 5.1 Packages
685 S2 and 683 S2 Loudspeakers
HTM62 S2 Centre speaker
CM1 S2, CM5 S2, CM6 S2, CM8 S2, and CM9 S2 Loudspeakers
CM Centre S2, CM Centre 2 S2 Centre Speakers
600 Series and CM Loudspeaker Stands
ASW608, ASW10CM S2, and PV1D Subwoofers
P3 and P7 Headphones
P5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
A5, T7 Wireless Music Systems
Zeppelin Air Wireless Speaker
Diamond 805 D3, 804 D3, 803 D3 and 802 D3 Loudspeakers.

SoundLink III, SoundLink Mini II Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Quiet Comfort 15 and 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones
SoundTrue On Ear and SoundTrue Around Ear Headphones
SoundLink Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
SoundTouch 10, 20, and 30 Wireless Speakers
SoundTouch 300 Soundbar
SoundTouch 300 Wireless Subwoofer
SoundTouch 300 Virtually Invisible Rear Speakers
Solo 5 Soundbar.

Delta CP800 MkII Digital Pre-Amplifier
Delta CA2300 Power Amplifier
Sigma SSP Digital Pre-Amplifier
Sigma Amp2 Stereo Power Amplifier
Sigma 2200i Integrated Amplifier.

CLEARAUDIO (Reference Dealer)
Concept MM
Innovation Compact / TT3 Tangental Tracking Arm / Stradivari V2 Cartridge.

CPM2650 Integrated Amplifier
CPA2500 Pre-Amplifier
SPM650 Power Amplifier
Chordette 2Qute USB DAC
Hugo Portable Portable Headphone DAC/Pre-Amplifier
Hugo TT DAC/Pre-Amplifier
Mojo Portable Headphone DAC/Pre-Amplifier.

Cyrus One Amplifier
CDI CD Player
CDT and CDXTSE Signature CD transports
Stereo 200 Power Amplifier
X Power, Mono X200 Signature, and Mono X300 Signature Power Amplifiers
DacX Plus Digital To Analogue Convertor.

DM55 Soundbase.

DEVIALET (clearance)
120 Digital Amplifier.

Zensor 1 and Zensor 3 Loudspeakers.

DM40 Mini System
RCDN8 CEOL Mini System
HEOS Cinema Soundbar
Heos 1, 3, 5 and 7 Series II Wireless Loudspeakers
Heos Amp Series II (with Roth Oli RA2 Speakers)
Heos Link Series II
AVR-X2300W AV Receiver.

SR60e, SR80e, SR125e, SR325e Headphones
RS1e, and RS2e Headphones
GS1000e Headphones.

Zen Mini Media Server

Blade 2
LS50 Anniversary Monitor
R100, R300, R500, and R700 Loudspeakers
R200c and R600c Centre Speakers
Reference 1, Reference 3 and Reference 5 Loudspeakers.

TecnoDec / OEM / Ortofon Quintet Red
Gyrodec SE / Tecno-A / Ortofon Quintet Blue
Orbe SE / SME V / Ortofon Quintet Black.

M6SCD CD player
Encore 225 All-In-One System.

CD6006 and 8005 CD Players
PM6006 and PM8005 Amplifiers
NA8005 Network Player
MCR611 Mini Network System.

Bronze 2, and 5 Loudspeakers
Silver 1, 6, and 8 Loudspeakers
Silver Centre Speaker and FX Surround Speakers
Gold 50, 200, and 300 Loudspeakers
Platinum PL100 II, PL200 II, PL300 II, PL500 II
S150 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Mu-so Wireless System
Mu-so Qb Wireless System
Uniti2b System
ND5xs Streamer
Nait 5Si, Nait XS2, and SuperNait2 Integrated Amplifiers
CDS5i CD Players
NAC-N272 Streaming Pre-Amplifier
NAP250DS Power Amplifier
NAPSC, Flatcap 2xs, Hi-CAP Power Supplies
StageLine Phono Stage
HighLine Interconnect
Naim Fraim equipment stands.

PM1, PM2, and PM3 Planar Headphones
HA1 and HA2 Headphone Amplifiers
BDP103, BDP103D, BDP105D Bluray Players
UDP203 UHD Player coming soon...

TwentyFive 21, 22, 23, 24 and 26 Loudspeakers

Response D20R Loudspeakers
Studio 118 and 148 Loudspeakers.

Debut Carbon Turntable
1 Xpression Carbon Turntable
2Xperience SB Turntable.

Artera Play CD/Pre-Amplifier
Artera Stereo Power Amplifier
Vena Bluetooth Integrated Amplifier
S1, S2, S4, S5 Loudspeakers.

Concept 20, and Concept 40 Loudspeakers
3010, 3020, and 3050 Loudspeakers.

RA1 and RA2 Loudspeakers.

DAC-R Digital/Analogue Convertor
Apollo-R CD Player
Brio-R, Elex-R, and Elicit-R Amplifiers
RX1, RX3 and RX5 Loudspeakers
Rega Aria Phono Stage
Planar 1, Planar 2, and Planar 3 Turntables
RP6, and RP8 Turntables.

RA1 Amplifier.

Caspian M2 Power Amplifier.

MR1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers
R1 MkIII, R2 MkIII, R4 MkIII Systems.

Venere 3.0 Loudspeakers.

D7 Loudspeakers.

VPL-HW40ES Home Theatre Projector

SB1000, SB2000, SB13 Ultra Sealed Subwoofers.

Connect Zoneplayer
Play 3 Wireless Speaker.


Diamond 220 Loudspeakers.

RXA2060 AV Receiver

PART EXCHANGE AVAILABLE - please ask for details.


We have a large range of new vinyl available in store, and are now officially part of Record Store Day. Please see post later in this thread for our vinyl voucher offers with every turntable purchase.

Official Record Store Day participants.

Follow us:


For advice and sales, please call 02476 525200
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Frank Harvey Hi-Fi welcomes Oppo!


We are now an authorised dealer for Oppo, and now have the BDP103 and BDP105 Bluray players on demo. We also offer multi-region options for Bluray - please ask for details.

Both are available from stock all the time, ready to go :)

BDP105 now available in Silver finish!

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In our ongoing support for the wonderful vinyl format, and based on the extremely high number of turntable sales over the last few years, we took the decision over a year ago to stock and sell a range of new vinyl as a service to our customers, and fans of the long(est)standing format.


The current resurgence is unlike any before it. Previously, sales were always hindered by the availability of new titles. This time round, virtually all new albums are released on the vinyl format, and many more older albums are continually being reissued on remastered 180gram vinyl. Any published figures you see floating around the web regarding vinyl sales will only be taking into account new vinyl sales, and not the huge sales of used vinyl that will probably outnumber that of new.


Unlike the high street retailer who has just jumped on the bandwagon, with a paltry amount of titles in racks that no one looks after, we care about our vinyl. Ours is always neat and tidy, never in cramped conditions, neatly laid out, and in air conditioned surroundings. We are doing everything we can to keep prices down for our customers, with many titles at least as low as a certain online retailer who won't be mentioned beginning with A, and in many cases, much cheaper, sometimes saving around £10 per album!

Record Store Day started 8 years ago. This a worldwide event where independent record stores around the world have access to exclusive CD and record releases from numerous artists. As we are now an independent record store, we met the criteria to take part in Record Store Day earlier this year. Despite being a little late to the party, this was a resounding success, and now we have all necessary accounts open with various distributors, we are in a great position to make Record Store Day 2015 a much bigger event, with manufacturers taking part too. Keep an eye out on forums (including here), Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites for future details.


For those buying a turntable from us, we offer 'vinyl vouchers'. As an example, when buying an RP3, you get £60 worth of free vinyl! That could get you up to five LPs! This can be used towards vinyl accessories too, like phono stages, record cleaners, record sleeves, vinyl storage etc.


Stay tuned to this thread for any vinyl news and new releases we have come in, that I will keep up to date as much as possible.

As long as people are buying turntables, we will continue to support vinyl.

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Boards Of Canada's first album in eight years, "Tomorrow's Harvest", will be available on vinyl @frankharveyhifi !

Some of their previous albums have shot up in price after the limited run of vinyl finished - one of them is now on Amazon used for £550!

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ProAc's new D30R loudspeaker is now available for demo in store, and adds to the rest of the ProAc models on demo - Tablette Anniversary, Studio 115, Studio 140 MkII, Response D18, Response D28, and Response D40R.

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Forgot to mention - Rega's new Elicit-R has been running in our demo room for just over a week now and it's sounding really rather good! It is being fed by a Naim streamer and driving the new Spendor D7's, and doing an excellent job - seems to be a nice match! It'll be interesting to pitch it up against the new Naim Nait XS2 when it turns up in a few weeks time...

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We've always liked Naim's Nait amplifiers. Regardless of specs, they've always sounded good, produced a thoroughly enjoyable end result, and are well suited a wide range of speakers. For the 40th anniversary of Naim's original Nait amplifier, their current line of integrated amplifiers have been upgraded to provide better quality and value for money.

The Nait 5i becomes a Nait 5Si - the Nait XS becomes a Nait XS2, and the SuperNait becomes a SuperNait2.


Nait 5Si £925
The Nait 5i gets a larger, improved power supply, revisions to the wiring layout, upgraded components, and new headphone output section.


Nait XS2 £1,595
The Nait XS2 gets the same improvements as the Nait 5Si, but the XS2 gets a single ended Class A headphone amplifier stage, and a "Constant Current Source Drive" circuit technique which was first introduced with the NAC552 pre-amplifier. This "ensures relays are provided with ultra quiet drive signals to improve sound quality".


SuperNait2 £2,750
The SuperNait2 gets the same improvements as the Nait 5Si and Nait XS2, but also includes Naim's DR (discrete regulator) technology, improving power supply performance. One interesting aspect of the SuperNait2 is that they've dropped the onboard DAC and digital inputs of the original SuperNait, thus making it a purely analogue amplifier. This is the model we're most excited about.

In store now!

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Hi David
I'm after a gloss black R180HD, do you have one in stock?
Which is the better speaker in your opinion
Monitor audio gx200 or the kef r 700

Regards Tristan

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Which is the better speaker in your opinion
Monitor audio gx200 or the kef r 700

Regards Tristan

The one that works better with your amplifier. The one that works better in your room. The one that produces the music you listen to to your preferences (the one you like the sound of :)).

The two speakers are quite different, so I would highly recommend getting a demo of both - preferably in the same system and in the same room.


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Hi. Can Silver 6s be part exchanged if buyer lives far enough away that they cannot collect.
I would like to PX my RX6s in black oak that are only 1 year old in December fior Silver 6 in black oak how much will it cost me.
They would need to sent to me by carrier and the carrier collect mine.
They are mint condition with all original packing.
What is delivery period.

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A big thank you to those who attended our open day on Saturday - it was a great turn out!

We hope you felt it was worthwhile, and that you enjoyed what was available to see and hear, especially those who travelled a little further than usual! Also thanks to the reps who took a day out of their weekend to to make it happen - especially Cyrus and Yamaha who provided two reps each!
Many people were loving the Cyrus Lyric system, even those who aren't overly keen on Cyrus in general. Many who had never heard KEF's R Series in and AV setup were also very impressed, depsite the fact that we were only playing 5.1! Plenty of comments and views on the awesome Sony VW500ES Ultra HD projector - everyone seemed to love it! Many were impressed as to just how good Bluray can look on this baby. Lots of vinyl was spun on the day courtesy of Rega via the KEF Blades and Michell via the beautifully made Yamaha separates, and plenty of vinyl was purchased on the day - I managed to commandeer the RP8 in the Osiris/Blade system towards the end of the day and have a blast of some retro tunes - Dynamix II's Just Give The DJ A Break and Herbie Hancock's Rockit 12"ers, and some lovely Boards Of Canada with their Music Has The Right To Children album. I really think we should hold a vinyl day sometime soon, as I wanted to play so much more!


Hope to see you all next year!

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On behalf of Frank Harvey Hi-Fi, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers (and future customers) as well as forum members a very Happy Christmas :)

Steve N

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Don't forget to let me know when you have a Paradigm Sub 1 (or 2) to audition please.


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I am after B&W subwoofer asw608, 610, 610xp. ex demo or used.
Do you have any in stock and what is the price?

Kind Regards

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Nothin ex demo at the moment I'm afraid. Are you local? I ask as we wouldn't be able to ship B&W anyway, but if you're local, feel free to pop in and see what we have.

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Chord Electronics's new headphone DAC/pre-amp, the Hugo, is now available for demonstration in store! Feel free to bring along your headphones/iPods etc for a listen.

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A major update of Bowers & Wilkins’ long standing 600 series loudspeakers will be launched at the Bristol Show, and hit stores next month. Some of the most immediate changes have been to slim down the cabinets, and move reflex ports to the front of the cabinet rather than the back. The new range uses a ‘double dome’ HF design very similar to the of their CM10.


The full range is on demo in store.​
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