Framerate really bad?

monkey business

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Watching the F1 made me want to play the game so i put it in and installed the new patch. The freamerate is so choppy and stuttery is is making the game unplayable.

I don't remember it being like this before this patch.



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depends what track you're on, some are noticeable others not really, monaco comes to mind.
strangely the graphics in the mirrors are smooth now as they were not before the patch.

not unplayable by any stretch of the imagination, a bit of a hindrance though


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I've had it going down the pit straights on some tracks, and indeed Monaco...ever so slightly off putting, but you'll come to expect it and those lap times will start to improve :smashin:


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Also Monaco, last set of corners. Got used to it now. I think there is one other place on one other track, but I can't remember where off the top of my head.

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