Frame TV to soundbar connections?


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Hi does anybody have a Frame TV that connects to a soundbar by HDMI ARC Cable that works correctly? My sound drops out frequently and Samsung have been unable to fix it.
Any advice appreciated


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Drops out frequently on all sources or just some?
What brand and model of Soundbar?
Have you tried using optical instead of HDMI?


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Hi thank you for your response, I have a B&O Stage soundbar. This is the second one as the excellent B&O dealer in Richmond replaced the original to try and help.
I have used 3 different HDMI cables. Samsung have replaced the one connect cable and motherboard in the one connect box. I don’t think the Stage has an optical cable socket.
When this first happened B & O considered whether my WiFi was good enough but this has been ruled out as obviously there is a direct connection by HDMI ARC cable.
When using the soundbar to stream (Airplay) Spotify or BBC sounds via an IPad or IPhone the sound never drops out.
The picture streams perfectly on Netflix or Amazon Prime but the sound drops out.
When I disconnect the HDMI cable the TV plays perfectly using its own speaker.
I have further submitted “Logs” to B & O with exact times of dropouts so they can review things and await their response.
I have been waiting since last Wednesday for a senior technical advisor from Samsung to call me.
When I search this forum I found that this problem was experienced by many Samsung owners with all different makes of soundbar.
DVD also drops out.

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