frame rate drops sometimes in jvc gr-d23


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Hi all

Looking for some advice here, hope someone more experienced at this than me can help :)

Got a JVC-GR D23 for xmas - quite impressed with it.

However, I've noticed that at times - and I've really only used it indoors so far - the framerate can drop apparently to almost half while panning around and doing stuff. This is rare and if I had to put a label on it, I'd say this is occuring while panning into areas where the amount of ambient light is significantly different. I've tried it on auto and manual to no avail.

It was most noticeable the day I got it, started recording and then turned the built-in light on. When I did that, the frame rate went through the floor. However, in my naivete, I thought that was just the LCD and it would still be recording properly. Wrong - so that's the kids opening their xmas presents a bit screwed up then :(

I can post a sample AVI up somewhere, suitably compressed of course, to illustrate the problem if it helps.

Maybe worth pointing out I can see this as I'm recording it in the LCD, and also during TV playback, firewire capture, in editing program etc. Also, as its coming in via firewire, I'm not seeing dropped frames and my source appears to be still at 25fps. It's just a jerky 25 fps.....

Hmm - whatsup with that? Thanks for any advice.


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despite going through the manual, i've just been talking to a mate and he says this is auto gain control adjusting the shutter speed - which makes sense.

And now he's said it, it's staring me in the bloody face in the manual.

doh indeed.

will leave this shameful incident of not-reading-the-manual-properly here in case it helps anyone else ;)

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