Frame drops with Chromecast at 60Hz



I got a Chromecast with Google TV recently and have been disappointed with the quality: every so often (like every 1-3 minutes), I'll get a few seconds of frame drops, where things are noticeably jerky compared to the normal frame rate (although it's not really "jumping"). Some details:

  • TV = Panasonic 40GX800
  • CC running at 4k 60Hz, wirelessly.
  • Native TV apps also run wirelessly, inches from router.

(Temporary) link to footage on Chromecast:
Everything works fine on the native TV apps (Netflix and BBC iPlayer), video for comparison:
I think it has to do with the CC outputting everything at 60Hz. I've experimented to changing it down to [email protected] and (so far) I think this has fixed it (but I can't really be certain yet). But that's frustrating: it's noticeably less smooth in the menus at 24Hz and, more relevantly, every so often there's supported content at higher framerates - I really don't want to have to change settings depending on what I'm watching.

Any ideas on how to fix this properly?


I have a complete nightmare with my Chromecast TV; I have to manually set it to 50 or 60Hz depending on the native frame rate of the source video, and there are huge lip sync problems across the board. I get far better results casting to an older Chromecast Ultra, which generally has been excellent. I still have to tell this to force 50Hz mode for UK 25fps/50fps video though.

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