Fps game controller thought for the xbox


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What if the right analouge stick was replaced by a ball that was tracked by a laser (if you know what I mean).Hmmm:rolleyes:
Would make fps games alot easier i think.
Sorry pointless thread delete it if you want.


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Good idea.
But the inacurate nature of FPS console games with gamepad's are as much to do with the limitations of the reselution as the pads them selfs.

ergo, An optical ball on the game pad would help but you would still have problems aiming.

Say your playing Splinter cell on the pc
You have a monitor that has a res of 1600 1024.
and i mouse that has a similer res(i.e it can rest in 1638400 different places)

So a object that takes up say an 8th of the screen has 131072 pixels to aim at

on a tv with a res of 525 by 383 (i think) gives you a pixel count of 201075
so an object that takes up an 8th of the screen gives =16086 to aim at.
Big difference.
And that why i play my shooters on pc.
But res matters not, on driving games, rpg and beat em ups.


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The whole Mouse & Keyboard vs Pad thing has been done to death.
We all know that a mouse is more accurate but in the regular console environment of living room or bedroom where are you meant to place a keyboard?
A controller is meant for using on the couch and a keyboard/mouse require a desk.
FPS games properly tuned for consoles are proably better to play than PC FPS. Halo on the Xbox is better than the PC version and DC Halflife is every bit as easy to play as the PC version.


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Originally posted by CMcK

FPS games properly tuned for consoles are proably better to play than PC FPS.

I agree with all you say apart from the above. If what you meant to say is.
eg. halo on xbox is better, than on pc because it was designed and optimised for xbox, then you "MAY" be right.

But there is no way on earth that console fps are better than pc fps.

Also i was not doing the old debate of mouse vs pad.
I was explaining the reason why it is difficult to aim on console FPS regardless of what type of contoller you use.

I dont mean to be funny, but i don't think you got the gist of our conversation, we wern't talking about the practicalitys or positioning of the specific input devises. but more the technical restrictions that apply when creating a game that is made for a low res display like a tv


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I understand the resolution of a mouse is higher than that of the optical sticks on the XBox but I think a trackball would be impractical on a joypad. I can't imagine operating a ball with your thumb comfortably while holding a pad.

Also consoles being designed to work with a TV does hinder them somewhat but again that's down to the environment they are designed to operate in. Hopefully the next gen systems will support 720p and 1080i displays.

I don't find console FPS difficult to operate at all. If anything the superior ergonomics of a joypad to a mouse/keyboard setup are an advantage in terms of comfort and ease of use.

Too many devs are happy to port a FPS to a console but forget to tune the controls to suit. PC FPS titles like Quake III, UT2004 rely on unrealistic acceleration and turning speeds which are no use with a optical stick.
Halo's characters move more realistically and the presicion of the optical stick seems appropriate.

Developers should be more aware of the technical limitations of optical sticks and the user environment of consoles.


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the only controller that ever came close (and still far from it) to using a mouse and keyboard was the N64 with the Z and C buttons perfectly designed for FPS games - ooo the days of goldeneye ;)
Consoles and their controllers are designed for "easy pick up and play" use and thats not good for FPS, because they are not "pick up and play" games

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