Foxy Brown (Blu-ray Steelbook)


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Purchase links: Amazon - Arrow Films - - Sainsbury's - Zavvi

Release date: 24/06/2013

Status: Available to pre-order


When Foxy Brown's undercover-agent boyfriend is gunned down on the orders of evil drug kingpins, she stops at nothing to exact a thrillingly brutal revenge. This is one of the all-time great blaxploitation films, pulling out all the stops at a time long before anyone thought of inventing political correctness.

Pam Grier was given the role of a lifetime as the street-smart yet intensely sexy Foxy, modelling a stupendously varied range of Seventies threads while righteously kicking villainous white butt at every opportunity. She's also given sterling support from Antonio ‘Huggy Bear' Fargas as her no-good younger brother and a memorably funky soundtrack.

It's clear that Quentin Tarantino is a huge fan: he cast Grier in the title role of his direct homage Jackie Brown, while the one-woman revenge scenario that fuelled the Kill Bill films didn't just come from the Far East.

Special Features:
- Limited Edition SteelBook packaging
- Restored High Definition Blu-ray presentation (1080p)
- Optional English SDH subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
- Audio commentary with director Jack Hill
- From Black and White to Blaxploitation – Actor Sid Haig speaks about his long and influential friendship with Jack Hill
- A Not So Minor Influence – An Interview with Bob Minor, the first African-American member of the Stuntman's Association, and co-star of Foxy Brown
- Back to Black – Legendary actors Fred “The Hammer” Williamson (Black Caesar) and Austin Stoker (Sheba Baby, Assault on Precinct 13), alongside Rosanne Katon (Ebony, Ivory, and Jade) and film scholar Howard S. Berger speak about the enduring popularity of the Blaxploitation film
- Photo gallery of behind-the-scenes and publicity images
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Trailer Reel – Trailers for all the major works by Jack Hill including Foxy Brown, Coffy and Switchblade Sisters
- Collector's booklet featuring new writing on the film by Josiah Howard, author of Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide, a new interview with Pam Grier by Jack Hill biographer Calum Waddell, illustrated with original archive stills and posters


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I'm not feeling this sudden influx of pre-80's films in steelbook format. Cash-cow anyone?!

Still, nice looking steel that I'll probably end up buying because its... white.

I'm easily persuaded :)


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I don't think so. If they were releasing titles purely for profit, I think these types of films wouldn't get a look in.

Gooble Gobble

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Horrible steelbook. Don't like that at all.

Gooble Gobble

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Lazy effort + never heard of the film = easy pass !

The film is worth seeing, as replicant81 said, the film and sub genre is a huge influence on Quentin Tarantino.


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Never even seen this film but that steelbox looks real nice. I doubt ill get it though.


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argh - just came here to mention its cheaper at arrow directly, but its already up lol.

im sure sainsburys will be cheaper (fingers crossed)


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Back and inside artwork from Arrow's FB page:


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Im thinking of putting in an order just for how it looks :eek: ive never done that without any interest in watching the film. I dont know what it is but i just love the colours! :/


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Not enough white Steelbooks, assuming this will be white and not a nasty grey colour. I'm tempted myself but the price is just too high :(


Any reviews of people that's got the film/blu?
I use to like Willie Hutch who did the soundtrack for a few blaxploitation film, The Mack was an other.

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