FOXSAT-HDR NASMount plug in - Mount problem


I would really appreciate it if somebody could help with this issue:-

I have used a FOXSAT-HDR for many years, running the Raydon firmware to allow me to access a NAS on my local network.

This has worked well until I upgraded the WDMyCloud firmware to OS5. When I try to mount the drive, I get the following:-

Tue Aug 24 12:37:48 BST 2021 : Found Gadget on : sda1
Tue Aug 24 12:37:48 BST 2021 : Pinging Host
Tue Aug 24 12:37:50 BST 2021 : 3 packets transmitted, 3 packets received, 0% packet loss
Tue Aug 24 12:37:50 BST 2021 : Ping of host successfull .... mapping drive
Tue Aug 24 12:37:50 BST 2021 : Making mount point directory /media/sda1/Public
Tue Aug 24 12:37:50 BST 2021 : Mounting // onto /media/sda1/Public
Tue Aug 24 12:37:51 BST 2021 : ERROR Mounting // onto /media/sda1
Tue Aug 24 12:37:51 BST 2021 : Mount command returns => mount: // is write-protected, mounting read-only
mount: Mounting // on /media/sda1/Public failed: Permission denied
Tue Aug 24 12:37:51 BST 2021 : Finished mounting all mount points

I have no problem accessing the share from my Windows 10 machine, and also a Linux (Mint) machine. I have added back in SMB1 protocol on the NAS. My Linux machine shows that the NAS permissions are read/write, so don't know what is going on, and how to remedy the situation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


For reasons unknown, IT IS NOW WORKING! Perhaps it was because I rebooted the Humax (I don't understand why that would have made a difference, since the mount data hasn't changed). Alternatively it may be because I changed the NT LAN Manager settings from "NTLMv2" to "NTLMv1 and NTLMv2", although I haven't a clue what that means.

All this goes to show how fiddly and hit-and-miss it is accessing LAN devices, and navigating the "permissions" jungle.

I just need to find out why I can no longer see the NAS files from an android app on my tablet, but that's another forum...!

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