FoxSat-HDR displays "No or bad signal" when other FoxSat-HDR enters standby mode


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FoxSat-HDR displays "No or bad signal" when other FoxSat-HDR enters standby mode

This is a strange one and I haven't been able to find this discussed anywhere else.

I have two FoxSat-HDRs - box #1 is in the living room, box #2 is in a second room - fed by the same 8 LNB dish.

Problem: The living room FoxSat-HDR has started to display "No or bad signal" at midnight, every night.

I realised that midnight is when the second box is scheduled to go into standby. After some experimentation, it looks as though the two boxes are now somehow linked; when box #2 drops into standby, box #1 displays "No or bad signal". If I then bring box #2 out of standby, full service is restored on box #1.

Again, box #2 to standby, box #1 loses signal... box #2 out of standby, full service on box #1... rinse and repeat.

I leave both boxes on standby overnight to pick up any software and timing updates, so it would be an easy workaround to set the scheduled standby time on box #2 to say 02:30 when the living room TV would normally be off anyway, and I'd still pick up any updates.

But I'd be interested in ideas as to why this behaviour is happening. Any ideas, please?


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Seems like there's some bad connection(s) to box #1 so no DC power is getting from it to the LNB.

DC power from the second box will make all outputs from the LNB function... albeit I'd not have expected it to do so fully* ?

Are you sure you have all services in the scenario you have currently (i.e. both H. 14V and V, 18V on the tuners) and Hi and Lo bands?

{* Thinking about it, more, LNB pulls 100-150mA so a poor, resistive connection may still give enough to signal, but not enough to power the amplifier side??? That being done by the 'good' connections.}

Fettle the plugs and sockets - especially at LNB end. Look for damage to the cables, corrosion on the joins and/or damp in the cables?

Replace / repair / renew as needed.

NB To prove my theory swap the two boxes around. If the fault stays with the location, it's the wires or LNB outputs. If the fault goes with the PVR then it's the PVR at fault.


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Agree with Rodders, no DC getting to the LNB from box 1.

Could be LNB power turned off in the menus (can this be done?), a previous short damaging the box (fuse inside?), or a DC blocking wallplate.

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